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CO\\OP Studios

a new way to make movies

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Our model functions similarly to traditional venture capital. It’s helpful to think about a movie as a new startup business with similar nurturing, funding, development, market approach, and sales needs. Our infrastructure is designed to streamline the creation of these new businesses and provide the support needed for financial gain.    

Built in Competitive Advantage

Our vertically integrated vendor system which helps us control the costs involved with each film allowing us to make more films with less money increasing our probability of success. 

It's All in the Math

Our model is probability based with similar metrics to a venture capital fund but is capable of more exits with a shorter investment horizon per project. The idea is to make more films for lower cost to increase our success rate without diminishing quality. 

Our Industrial Design

CO\\OP Studios is designed from the ground up to be profitable and competitive in a global market. Our procedural approach provides a framework that can be measured, quantified and adjusted to dial in or repeat success.

Empowering A Creative Ecosystem

Projects will generally be movies and tv shows but can also include comic books, video games, websites, novels, and other types of content that can function as integrated marketing and branding tools. An example would be a video game based on a movie or an experiential website that explains the intricacies of a tv show.

Project Math

Per annum our goal is to produce 5 to 7 films putting $20M to $25M into service yearly. Films will generally cost $1M to $5.5M each and monetize roughly 12 to 14 months after they are funded. Once in the market each film will generally monetize in roughly 4 to 5 months. 

Make Your Creative Mark & Champion Innovation

We Are A Collectively Owned & Operated Creative Institution Focused on Providing Access To Global Film & TV Markets.

Why Idaho, Why Us, & Why Now

Idahoans are worth the investment.

Most of us are Idahoans that developed our skills in other markets and understand the needs specific to our community. We are simply creating the infrastructure in Idaho we wish existed when we started our careers. We have generated a lot of wealth for investors in Hollywood and have helped make household names out of artists you recognize. It's time for that energy to be focused locally in our community.    

We will create opportunities for Idahoans, which means providing our investing partners with the tools to navigate a lucrative yet treacherous industry, while opening careers paths for locals in a highly competitive and creatively fulfilling job market.

The goal is to provide access to the arts and entertainment industry through a culture of inclusive collaboration, paid participation and gratis education via internships, mentorships and industry coaching.  


​Our intent is to make educational resources, internships, mentorships and industry coaching available to anyone interested at no cost.

Blazing Our Own Trail

Idaho is perfect for a studio like ours. We have a large population of do-it-yourselfers and an eager yet underfunded creative community. Combined with the recent growth and our thriving entrepreneur environment we are primed for a renaissance in creative pursuits. 


With current technology there is no reason that the entertainment industry needs to be concentrated in Los Angeles. Real-time global collaboration is real.  


Producing content requires a work ethic that is hard to find yet readily accessible in Idaho. We think it’s related to farming and ranching but who knows, maybe there is something in the water!

It’s not altruism! By investing our efforts into this talented and creative community we will advance our own careers, achieve our ambitions, and enjoy a thriving arts and entertainment community growing around us!

The timing is perfect.

The film industry is disrupted and many of the mainstays of its current model are no longer working. Superhero fatigue is real and a growing problem for Hollywood. 


Major studios concentrate most of their budgets into a few large projects per year, which reduces overall content output. The massive blockbusters works great, and they make tons of money, until they don’t, they fail, and the studio is acquired by Disney. All while exacerbating an underserved market by making less content.    


Escalating woes, Gen Z is less likely to engage with older content. Aging libraries are not earning which means new content is needed to service the market demand.  


Hollywood is again trying to recreate the expensive cable tv model online which Millennial's famously rejected with content pirating. The industry’s only recourse was to offer more value which made platform offerings affordable and pirating largely subsided.


While the industry continues to stumble with internet distribution models they cling to antiquated practices and are slow to embrace change. Netflix’s isn’t undeniable brilliant, they are merely the first movers in online distribution which is undeniable.

Community | Creativity | Prosperity

We <3 Idaho

As Idahoans with experience in other markets, we understand our community's needs and aim to create the infrastructure we wish existed when starting our careers. Having generated wealth for Hollywood investors and helped establish recognizable artists, we now focus that energy locally.

Our goal is to provide Idahoans with opportunities by equipping our investing partners with tools to navigate the lucrative yet challenging entertainment industry while opening career paths for locals. We foster a culture of inclusive collaboration, paid participation, and free education through internships, mentorships, and industry coaching, making these resources accessible to anyone interested at no cost.

Blazing Our Own Trail

Idaho is ideal for our studio, with its DIY population, underfunded creative community, recent growth, and thriving entrepreneurial environment. We are primed for a creative renaissance.

Current technology enables global collaboration, making the concentration of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles unnecessary. Idaho's strong work ethic, possibly stemming from its farming and ranching roots, is perfect for producing content.

By investing in this talented community, we will advance our careers, achieve our ambitions, and enjoy a thriving arts and entertainment scene. It's a mutually beneficial endeavor that will lead to a creative boom in Idaho.

An Industry Disrupted

The film industry is facing disruption as its current model falters. Superhero fatigue is growing, and major studios are concentrating budgets on fewer projects, reducing overall content output. This approach is risky, as failures can lead to studio acquisitions, while underserving the market.

Large studios continue to stumble as the industry navigates the changing landscape and tries to find viable solutions to meet evolving audience preferences. Gen Z's lack of engagement with older content means aging libraries are not earning, necessitating new productions to meet demand.
We are poised to capitalize on the disruption.

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