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Craters of the Moon

Feature Film | Psychological Thriller

A young couple on a cross-country road trip lose their way in a blizzard and wind up stranded in the middle of nowhere. As the days pass, their relationship slowly deteriorates, leading to the film's chilling climax.

Director: Jesse Millward

Writers: Jesse Millward

Producers: Jacob Brumfield, Jesse Millward, Tashia Yeates-Brumfield

Cast: Breeda Wool, Cody Lightning

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2014 Winner
Breeda Wool
Best Actress
Victoria TX Indie Film Fest


2013 Winner
Idaho Gem State Award


2014 Winner
Cody Lightning
Best Actor 
RNCI Red Nation Award

Craters of the Moon is one of those films that has taken me completely by surprise... 
"Breeda Wool should’ve just gutted her husband like a tauntaun and used his bloated corpse for warmth on day one. You know, before they ever got lost..."
“This movie is remarkably nuanced for all that it is intense. And the dialog, spare though it is, is spot on...”

Welcome to the last place on earth.

I got a business!

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