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Jacob Brumfield

Chief Executive Officer


Jacob Brumfield has 15+ years in the film and television industry. He has produced festival winning films and top-notch advertising campaigns for the largest franchises in the industry securing, Cleos, Tellys, Key Arts, and Webby awards. 

Well versed in stereoscopic 3D , Jacob produced television shows in collaboration with iMax, Sony, and Discovery Channel that showcased the added immersion and captivation of the medium. These shows included a 56-episode travel series, and several limited run motion comic series.  


Jacob has participated in the executive leadership in development, production, marketing, sales and distribution of film, television, new media, and commercial projects. He specializes in creating systems and workflows that increase efficiency, while also lowering overhead.  

As a self-proclaimed ‘“budget hawk,’ ” Jacob takes pride in coming in under budget, which he claims is a product of growing up poor. Fascinated by accounting and economics Jacob has followed his interests into managing complex large budgets, business cashflows, and even dabbled in margin trading.  

"Solve problems with your brain not your bank account"

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