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CO\\OP Studios

Projects in the Works

Dark Forest

Hiding away from his PTSD, addiction, and himself in the vast wilderness, an Ex-Navy Seal turned Forest Ranger must confront his demons and find himself on his mission not to leave another man behind.

Feature Film

Sundown Trail

In a post-apocalyptic world where toxic mushrooms have made the air deadly to
breathe, the lives of a timid boy fighting to save his dying father and a thieving bandit
seeking redemption, come crashing together one fateful day.

Feature Film


White Rock is hell. The last place any living thing on this crumbling rotten earth would want to be. When a woman's body washes up on shore, it lays the lives of the last two decent souls in this fetid corpse of a town on the executioners block.

Feature Film

Hellcats Highway

A pregnant mother and her young daughter fight for survival when they're taken hostage by a trio of murderous go-go dancers on a crime spree across Idaho.

Feature Film

Last Cowboys of the American West

This captivating 10-episode series takes viewers on a journey across the American West, where modern-day cowboys keep the spirit of the Old West alive through their daily lives, unique traditions, and unwavering dedication to preserving their heritage.

Limited Doc Series

Gem State Rock Hounds

 "Gem State Rock Hounds" is a documentary series that explores the world of responsible mining in Idaho, showcasing the state's rich mineral resources, the latest environmental preservation methods, and the passionate individuals driving sustainable business development in the mining industry.

Limited Doc Series

ECOdependent: The Dam Truth 

In this three part miniseries, Edward R Murrow Award winning journalist Steve Liebenthal reveals an ecological crisis in the Columbia Basin as multiple species of salmon teeter on the brink of extinction. A conservative Republican congressman puts his political career on the line, siding with environmentalists and tribes who are demanding the removal of four massive hydroelectric dams on the Snake River. Who stands in the way of the 34 billion dollar plan to keep Snake River salmon from disappearing forever?

Limited Doc Series

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