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Short Film | Horror

Anne is shattered by the loss of her young daughter. Refusing to let her go, Anne finds that it's not only socks that go missing in the dryer.

Director: Wesley Alley

Writers: Jesse Millward

Producers: Wesley Alley, Darren Lynn Bousman

Cast: Briana Evigan, Derek Mears


2018 Winner
Best Director
Wesley Alley

We Are Indie Horror Fest

2018 Winner
Idaho Horror Film Festival
Spud and Guts

Craters of the Moon is one of those films that has taken me completely by surprise... 
"Breeda Wool should’ve just gutted her husband like a tauntaun and used his bloated corpse for warmth on day one. You know, before they ever got lost..."
“This movie is remarkably nuanced for all that it is intense. And the dialog, spare though it is, is spot on...”

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