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Sundown Trail

Feature Film | Action | Thriller

In a post-apocalyptic world where toxic mushrooms have made the air deadly to breathe, the lives of a timid boy fighting to save his dying father and a thieving bandit seeking redemption, come crashing together one fateful day.

Director: Luke Asa Guidici

Writers: Luke Asa Guidici

Producers: CO\\OP Studios

Cast: Pending 

Based on the award winning short film.


Winner Best U.S. Short

Another Hole in the Head Fest


Winner Fan Favorite 



Winner Best Director

Twisted Dreams Film Festival


Winner Best Director

Glendale International Film Festival


Set six years after the apocalypse, SUNDOWN TRAIL tells the story of the Edwards family, ETHAN, CLAIRE, and their son THOMAS.

Living in a small community, they have a semblance of normal life... But outside their walls, dangers lurk.

There’s the former government “Remnants,” desperate to maintain power, the vicious “Dead Men” gang who control the wild lands, and the deadly “Sundown" mushrooms whose spores have made the air toxic.

Each month, the family must harvest spores to make fresh antidotes and pay the Remnants' “protection” tax.

Don't Eat The Shrooms

Our story begins with a harvesting run. Ethan and Thomas are looking for 'Sundowns' in the wild lands when a group of “Bandits"--RANDAL, SAM, and CARLOS appear.

Thomas has Randal in his sights, but can’t pull the trigger, allowing the bandits to steal their gun, spores, and antidotes.


Before they leave Randal kicks a patch of the Sundowns sending a cloud of toxic spores over Ethan and Thomas, dooming them to a slow death.


But Sam isn’t sure he can leave an innocent kid to die...

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